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Beautiful Phanom Rung


Ascend past an ancient pavillion to your first glimpse of this Angkor-period Hindu shrine to Shiva, built between the 12th and 18th centuries A.D. and located on a scenic bluff overlooking Cambodia.

Phanom Rung Walkway


Naga Snake at Phanom RungFive-headed naga snakes guard the path past lily ponds and an imposing sanctum wall with arched entrances and cruciform corners...

Eastern Gorupa and Naga Bridge at Phanom Rung


Khmer Lintel





Finally, you reach the 23m tall main prang, with exquisite Khmer architecture, sacred Hindu icons, and unforgettable carved lintels.

Principal Prang at Phanom Rung


Meuang Tam


Ponds at Meuang Tam

Just 8 kilometers away from Phanom Rung is another Angkor-period Khmer Ruin, Meuang Tam. Its unusual, L-shaped, lily-filled ponds give it a reputation as the most aesthetically pleasing of the Khmer ruins in Thailand.






































































































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